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Quality like no other.

You work hard to make unique, finely-crafted beverages for your customers. Your canning and bottling equipment should maintain that same level of precision and craftsmanship.




Evolution Series™ Dual-Lane CE Canning Systems

Your need for speed is possible on the dual-lane Evolution Series™ canning system, now CE-certified and available in Europe and worldwide. As the fastest in Wild Goose’s range of canning lines, our fully automated 8- and 10-head canning lines offer speeds up to 100 cans per minute to wrap up your canning days fast.

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Expertise you can trust.


Wild Goose systems are known for their purpose-built capability, outstanding performance, and dependability. Whether you are starting from scratch with your business or ready to distribute your products worldwide, you can count on Wild Goose. We work overtime to make sure that the product in your tanks is exactly what ends up in your bottles and cans.

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Our industry-leading systems are built with patented seaming and filling technology and an unmatched emphasis on quality control. Wild Goose canning systems ensure the superior taste, integrity and freshness of your product.

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Industry-leading bottling and carbonating technologies custom built for your specific needs. Automated and manual capabilities ensure that you have complete control of your final product.

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Craft Expertise

Whether you’re packaging beer, cider, tea, water, soda, juice, or some other beverage, Wild Goose machines are designed and engineered to allow for unmatched operational control.

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We offer Wild Goose Financing. Contact us to learn more.

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“You guys rock. This has been a game changer for my brewery and I probably wouldn’t be here without it. Thank you for the…

James Smith, Head Brewer, Arch Rock Brewing Company

“We were looking for a counter pressure canning system, and Wild Goose was the top of our list. Our experience so far with the…

Jay Bond, Owner, Bond's Brewing Company

“We had been holding off on canning Mountain Tap beer for a while. Not only are we very limited on space, but beer quality…

Rich Tucciarone, Owner, Mountain Tap Brewery

“I wanted to extend a quick note of appreciation as I would not have been able to make it through the last five years…

Sawyer Tonner, Orpheus Brewing

“I’ve worked on a number of canning lines in my career, and Wild Goose is way more reliable and has much lower dissolved oxygen…

Alex Rabe, Lead Brewer, Ratio Beerworks

“We are really happy with the versatile handling of our WG2 Goose, its potential expandability, the low DO pickup and steady quality seams. Our…

Valentin Schilter, Owner, LAB63 Mobile Canning

“Having our own Wild Goose canning line has allowed us to step up our canned beer offerings significantly both in volume and variety. We’re…

Jeremy Frichett, Production Manager, Tuckerman Brewing Co.

“I’m a HUGE fan of this machine. I’ve worked on a canning line that was built in a garage for two years, and switching…

Drew Haaland, BlackStack Brewing

“We bought the Meheen M6CE after seeing it at Barcelona Beer Fest 2017. I think it is really a very well designed machine, simple,…

Javier Napal, Brewer, Brew and Roll, Barañain, Spain

“We studied several options and Meheen was the best in terms of quality, speed and price for our needs. With our M6CE system, two…

Rafael Sánchez, Secretary, Transformando S.C.A. Cervezas Bandolera, Algallarín, Cordoba, Spain

“I wanted to drop you a note to say that we spent all day canning today with absolutely no issues. We actually finished 15…

Jon Crook, CEO, Carroll Brewing Co.

“Thank you all for your help in getting us up and running with cans. It literally may make the difference between our business surviving…

Jamie Ashdon, Co-Founder/Cider Maker, Humboldt Cider Company

“Ever since switching to the Wild Goose Canning system we haven’t had any major problems or let downs at all. Our productivity has increased,…

Jeff Marod, Head of QC/Packaging, Grand Armory Brewing Company

“We ordered our first canning line from Wild Goose approximately six years ago. Knowing nothing about canning lines, whatsoever, we had no idea what…

Matt Leslie, CEO, Vessel Packaging Co.

“After losing our mobile canner that used one of Wild Goose’s competitors, we are currently using a new mobile canner that has one of…

Richard Musso, Founder, Keuka Brewing

“We love you guys! Look forward to seeing any and all of you at GABF. And by the way, you should use me as…

Jeff Erway, President, La Cumbre Brewing Co.

«Estamos muy contentos con la máquina y con la gente hay detrás. Vuestro producto es estupendo y vuestra gente también.»…

Billy Pyatt, Catawba Brewing Company, Asheville, NC

“We’re pretty darned happy with the machine and the folks that stand behind it. Your product is great and your people are great.”…

Billy Pyatt, Catawba Brewing Company, Asheville, NC

“We have really seen our production increase with Wild Goose Canning. The system works great and the support has been excellent.”…

Tim Barnes, Black Tooth Brewing Co

“Quick note: Line One is running beautifully. We did 1.1 million cans last year, averaging 38 – 40 CPM with 0.3 – 0.5% lowfill/eaten…

Owen Lingley, Owner, Craft Canning and Bottling


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Wild Goose In The News

Group 41

Wild Goose Canning’s WGC100 was featured on NBC affiliate WLBT in Jackson Mississippi this week. Brewery openings are still Very Big News in Mississippi, since brewing laws only changed in very recent years.

The Wall Street Journal Logo White

Reporter Bob Hagerty wrote an industry piece in The Wall Street Journal on mobile canning, noting “Much of the mobile canning equipment in use comes from Wild Goose Engineering LLC of Boulder, Colo.”

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The New Yor Time Logo White

Flock member Big Bend Brewing was featured using their Wild Goose twist rinse in The New York Times article on craft beer in rural Texas.


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