A Look Inside Wild Goose’s Multi-Stage Filling Technology

Wild Goose pioneered modern filling technology, holding three unique patents in 15 different countries. While others attempt to imitate, only Wild Goose’s multi-stage flow system with patented line restriction allows you to regulate every fill aspect at the touch of a button.

With the ability to adjust low flow, high flow and finish flow during the fill cycle, your Wild Goose system helps you achieve consistent volume and foam cap for perfect fills at faster cycle times across beverage types, styles and carbonation levels. The result is higher throughput, better yield and lower dissolved oxygen pickup with fewer fill heads than the competition.

Wild Goose’s bottom-actuated fill tubes with patented line restriction technology seal closed when the desired fill level is reached, cutting off the product stream entirely to minimize contamination risk, product waste, overfilling and dissolved oxygen.

Optional integrated flowmeters offer facilities with variable conditions an extra layer of control over each fill head. Use Wild Goose’s flowmeters to mitigate fluctuations in your production environment during filling without expensive equipment or brewhouse changes.

Filler components are made from high-quality, durable materials specifically intended for food and beverage industry use. Fill heads can be fully sanitized using high-temperature clean-in-place procedures. Why not stainless steel exclusively? Because Wild Goose’s non-porous food grade plastics offer all the chemical resistance and inert properties of stainless with less cost to you and better thermal insulation, keeping product at optimal filling conditions for minimal waste.

Wild Goose’s filling innovations work together to provide user-friendly flow controls with consistent and accurate fill levels so you’re not wasting your product, time or money.



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Whether you are starting from scratch with your business or ready to distribute your products worldwide, you can count on Wild Goose to help you. Our systems are known for their purpose-built capability, outstanding performance, and dependability. 

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