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Pallet of beer cans ready for can rinsing

Can Shapes, Sizes and Their Place in Brewing History

Wild Goose Filling’s industry-leading canning systems can work (pun intended) with all manner of can sizes, but for various reasons, brewers may want to consider other can sizes when bringing their beverages to market. Here’s a quick look at some of the options in can sizes on the market today. Just look at what the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company unleashed.

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Industry News

Kegs to Cans Day

You’ve got the kegs, we’ve got the canning equipment. Join us for Kegs to Cans Day next week! We’re putting our Gosling engineering system to

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Wild Goose Fusion™ Counter Pressure + Atmospheric Canning System

The only canning system offering counter pressure + atmospheric filling.The Wild Goose Fusion™ has arrived. Our latest canning system delivers all-purpose beverage packaging engineered with new patent-pending dual counter pressure and atmospheric filling technologies developed by Wild Goose.The Wild Goose Fusion canning line accommodates virtually every craft beverage across a wide range of product conditions, like higher product carbonation levels, pressures and temperatures.Whether you are canning a high carbonation seltzer, a still wine, or anything in between, the Wild Goose Fusion system handles it.

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