Canning line maintenance helps you get the most from your Wild Goose system and component lifespan. In this Goose Garage video, our “Sultan of Support” Ben McKibben explains how to keep your seam rollers in tip-top shape. Maintaining clean and well-lubricated seam rollers will keep your seamer running smoothly for thousands of cans to come.

Performing regular preventative maintenance on your canning line is especially important. If your rollers are ready for a little rehab, follow along in this step-by-step video. Don’t hesitate to pause and rewind when needed!

Wild Goose canning systems are designed and built to maximize your canning potential and minimize the time you spend on maintenance. In particular, our equipment utilizes high-quality materials and precision components backed by a 2-year limited parts warranty to make sure the system can withstand the rigors of your production environment.

Don’t forget, every Wild Goose Filling system comes with comprehensive support from our dedicated team of experts. Whether you need advice, training, maintenance help or spare parts, experienced Wild Goose technicians are here for personalized support.

In addition, we offer an easy option to schedule regular machine care from the Wild Goose professionals. The “SPA Treatment” Service Partnership Agreement provides onsite machine inspection, cleaning, calibration, software updates and wearable parts replacement so your equipment can continue to provide best-in-class performance.

Let us know how we can help you get the most from your canning days.

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