Canning on a Small Scale (While Planning Future Growth) with Evolution Series Canning Lines

Our Evolution Series canning lines support you as you take the steps from your earliest production stages to higher speed beverage canning. With upgradeable canning system options offering 15 up to 50 cans per minute (900 to 3000 cans per hour), the Evolution Series lets you start small and grow affordably when you’re ready.

All Evolution Series canning systems offer fully automated beverage canning – CO2 purging, filling, lid placement and seaming – on a modular, upgrade-friendly platform. Growing steadily? Upgrade stage by stage to meet your customer demand. Growing rapidly? Skip upgrade stages and increase your output and speed all at once. This means as your demand grows, you could ramp up your output by more than three times, all through simple, economic upgrades to your existing machine.

Evolution Series canning lines incorporate Wild Goose’s patented filling and seaming technology to maintain your craft beverage integrity and shelf life. Precision engineering backed by decades of packaging equipment expertise gives you maximum command over every aspect of the machine. The result is higher speed, better yield and lower dissolved oxygen pickup with fewer fill heads than the competition: AKA more bang for your buck.

Standard, mobile and CE-certified configurations along with a specialized range of integrated Wild Goose accessory equipment make the Evolution Series the complete canning solution for growing craft beverage producers. Whether you’re packaging craft beer, cider, cocktails, wine, coffee, kombucha, soda or other beverages, the Evolution Series maintains your product quality exactly as you intended.

Watch the range of Evolution Series canning lines in operation


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