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Change Can Sizes with the Gosling QuickChange

Can height markings on QuickChange Gosling Canning System to accommodate multiple can sizes_Wild Goose Filling

The Gosling QuickChange™ is a professional entry-level beverage canning system that makes it simple to change can sizes. Our popular Gosling system lets you package and maintain the quality of small product volumes – now in multiple can heights of your choosing.

The Gosling QuickChange helps you with:

  • Expanded Placement Opportunities: Tailor your sales plans to meet shifting format preferences and retail needs
  • Special Sizes for Special Products: Give limited releases a unique can size for distinction from your core beverages
  • Can Supply Freedom: Adapt your system to accommodate different can sizes based on can supply availability

Features of the Gosling QuickChange

Switch easily between can heights in under 30 minutes. The Gosling QuickChange’s design features built-in adjustable components with minimal change parts to easily change can sizes.

Save time and money by planning only for the can heights you want right now, and add more sizes later if needed. With its responsive configuration, the Gosling QuickChange supports current and future can styles.

Maintain your seamer adjustment through can height changes. Wild Goose’s trusted seamer unites with the Gosling QuickChange’s adaptive system to deliver reliable can seam integrity at every can size, cycle after cycle.

Seamer-lid dropper adjustment crank on QuickChange Gosling Canning System to accommodate multiple can sizes_Wild Goose Filling

The Gosling QuickChange gives you the option to simultaneously adjust both the seamer and lid placement station, maintaining repeatability across can heights. Operators do not need to level or re-synchronize the seamer and lid dropper platforms between changeovers.

The Gosling QuickChange accommodates your chosen can heights from 3” to 8” with the same diameter and lid type. Want to start your canning day in stubby cans and finish in 19.2s for instance? It’s an easy QuickChange.

Along with Wild Goose’s still-and-sparkling Gosling Nitro and standard Gosling, the Gosling QuickChange gives you the ability to can on a smaller scale than traditional automatic systems while protecting the integrity and shelf life of your products. In addition, our new Gosling ProLaunch Pack helps you get started canning on Gosling systems easily and cost-effectively.

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Download the Gosling QuickChange Specifications

Gosling Canning System Spec Sheet: QuickChange Edition to Change Can Sizes_Wild Goose Filling


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