Choosing an Air Compressor for your Canning or Bottling Line

In this Goose Garage video, our “Sultan of Support” Ben McKibben prepares you to invest in the right air compressor for your craft canning or bottling line.

Your packaging system will need compressed air to operate. Good quality air – i.e. clean and dry – helps extend the life of your filling machine and keeps it operating at peak performance. So, what should you look for in an air compressor?

  1. Make sure your air compressor can meet the demands of your canning or bottling machine.
  2. Don’t forget: your air compressor should also be able to meet the combined demands of any other equipment you may be running simultaneously in your facility!
  3. In addition, you also want to install a high-quality refrigerated air dryer to work with your air compressor. A refrigerated air dryer keeps your compressed air clean and dry by filtering out any debris, oil and moisture before entering your packaging line.

You don’t need to know Boyle’s Law to make the right choice – we’ll guide you there! Wild Goose Filling provides compressed air specifications for all of our filling equipment. We can refer you to air compressor suppliers that will help you determine the best compressed air system for all of your facility’s needs, including your canning or bottling line.

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