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“I’ve worked on a number of canning lines in my career, and Wild Goose is way more reliable and has much lower dissolved oxygen pickup. Goose machines have a far lower failure rate for parts. I also see Goose coming out with new developments and updates regularly, and the customer service is really good.

I knew canning was what Ratio needed to do to survive the COVID pandemic, so I purchased Gosling serial number 2. The best thing we could offer our customers during the shutdown was stuff they don’t normally get. While we could still offer crowlers, having the Gosling means we can offer a much higher quality package.

The Gosling is future-proofing for us. Even after we build our new facility and have to expand our canning operation over there, we’ll still be able to brew and package one-off and seasonal batches entirely onsite at our original brewhouse taproom.

By the way, we just hit 100,000 cans in less than five months.”

Alex Rabe, Lead Brewer, Ratio Beerworks

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