Vessel Packaging Co.

“We ordered our first canning line from Wild Goose approximately six years ago. Knowing nothing about canning lines, whatsoever, we had no idea what we were in for. Driving it around in the back of a box truck, wheeling it in and out of a new facility every day, it’s safe to say we were quite naive in regards to how reliant we were going to be on our equipment and how important a well made, high quality machine, with incredible customer support would be.

Six years later, and twelve more canning lines, I can tell you that we lucked into the best possible scenario for our operation. Wild Goose has continued to exceed our expectations in terms of craftsmanship, quality and customer service. Their equipment has allowed our business to not only achieve great growth, but thrive in an environment where downtime and equipment failure can be the end of you. I cannot say enough great things about the product, and people, from Wild Goose and highly recommend their product to anyone looking to get into packaging cans.”

Matt Leslie, CEO, Vessel Packaging Co.

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