Dissolved Oxygen in Packaging [Online Seminar]

Join Wild Goose on Monday, April 20 for “Dissolved Oxygen in Packaging,” an official seminar during Craft Beer Professionals’ Virtual Conference. The three-day Virtual Conference features a series of free educational presentations for brewing industry professionals. From Monday, April 20 to Wednesday, April 22, webinars will provide insights into a variety of brewing topics presented by industry experts.

During this webinar, Wild Goose co-founder Alexis Foreman will cover analysis, equipment and optimal results for dissolved oxygen (D.O.) management. Managing D.O. levels protects your beverage quality and ensures the beer you serve tastes the way you intended. To learn the basics about D.O., check out this Managing Dissolved Oxygen Levels article in Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine. You can also take a look at our helpful Dissolved Oxygen Infographic.

To attend “Dissolved Oxygen in Packaging” and other Virtual Conference presentations, join the Craft Beer Professionals Facebook page now (free).

For more information, visit ProBrewer’s Virtual Brewing Conference Guide.


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