If you’re scaling back production and shifting to delivery or to-go sales, let us know if you are in urgent need of your own small volume, low cost canning machine. We are able to build you a WGC-50 semi-automatic canner within a few weeks that will allow you to fill every size can you have on hand.

As we build these machines, we’re acutely driven by the words from Jamie Ashdon, co-founder and cider maker at Humboldt Cider Company, regarding their new WGC-50. “Thank you all for your help in getting us up and running with cans. It literally may make the difference between our business surviving this crisis or not.”

While the WGC-50 requires installation by a Wild Goose Technician, given the current situation, we can work with you on alternatives that will have you up and running quickly. We’re ready to meet your needs.

Watch the Wild Goose WGC-50 canning line in action here