Un système d'embouteillage pour simplifier votre saut dans l'emballage

Meheen M6 Bottling Line_Counterpressure Bottle Filler_Wild Goose Filling

Navigating the leap into beverage packaging may seem intimidating, but we can simplify the process for you. Our Meheen™ counterpressure bottling systems deliver a cost-effective solution to get you packaging now. Investing in a Meheen bottling system gives you immediate off-premises sales capabilities and flexibility in your future packaging strategy.

How We Can Help

Hassle-Free Planning

No need to research bottle manufacturers or investigate bottle formats – we’ve done the leg work for you. Wild Goose can offer Meheen configurations suited to your production requirements.

Reliable Bottle Supply

With a new Meheen, sourcing bottles is a breeze. Our dedicated supply chain partners are ready to consistently supply bottles for your system.

Latest Features, Tiny Footprint

Wild Goose’s Meheen systems offer user-friendly control over your bottling process, for example:

Bottle Size Flexibility

Undoubtedly, you want to adapt for changing needs and stay competitive. The Meheen is designed to let you add differentiating bottle sizes or upgrade speed later. Start with standard longnecks or bombers now for instance, and change it up or add additional formats in the future.

Navigating Your Path to Packaging

Wild Goose is here to guide you to packaging success. In addition to setting you up on the right Meheen bottling system, our experienced team can help you with crowns, labels, labeling equipment, packaging supplies and more.

Funding Partnerships

Leverage our network of trusted financing partners. Contact us to help plan the most affordable packaging approach for your business.


Furthermore, all new Meheen systems are backed by warranty and our renowned Wild Goose customer support. Wild Goose is here to make your packaging leap easy with consistent, quality filling built on more than 25 years of expertise.



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