Protégez la qualité de vos boissons grâce aux contrôles de l'oxygène dissous de Wild Goose

If you’re pouring your passion, time and money into creating a quality product, you know the importance of managing your dissolved oxygen levels. Wild Goose engineers systems that provide complete quality control over DO so your customers enjoy your beverage exactly as you crafted it.

Along with maximum user control over fill, foam, purge, CO2 blanket and underlid gassing, Wild Goose systems further limit dissolved oxygen pickup by reducing agitation of the cans through each stage of the packaging process. Lid control components are specifically designed to prevent any oxygen intake in lidded cans before seaming.

Wild Goose’s DO Buster™ CO2 Tunnel blocks oxygen from entering cans between fill and lid placement and has been shown in beverage tests to help save up to 1 oz. of product per can through decreased overfill waste. By dispensing blanket plus underlid CO2, removing oxygen-heavy “frog-eye” bubbles and reinforcing consistent foam conditions, the DO Buster ensures fill accuracy and reliable lid placement. Consistent laminar flow minimizes surface disturbance to further reduce DO pickup.

Wild Goose’s automatic systems minimize atmospheric exposure time for the least DO pickup by providing the fastest operation speeds per fill head, short cycle times and limited distance between purge, fill, lid placement and seam stages.

CO2 pre-purge should not simply be a “checklist” feature on a canning line – purging requires careful speed and pressure controls or it can negatively impact your DO management while wasting resources. Wild Goose’s CO2 purge system ensures each can is purged with the accurate volume of CO2 to displace oxygen and prevent new intake. Operators can optimize purge pressure and duration to accommodate their specific environment.

For the basics on dissolved oxygen during packaging, check out this Gestion des niveaux d'oxygène dissous article in Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine, or take a look at our helpful DO infographic:

Infographic Dissolved Oxygen Wild Goose










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