Full Metal Canning in Longmont, Colorado has been providing contract beverage services since 2017. Founder Jason Walsh strives to help his customers break down the barriers of entry of the beverage industry and get their products into the market. They offer batching, canning, storage and quality control to meet any of their customer’s needs across beer, seltzer, soda, RTds, cider and more.

When their budget canning system continued to cause poor seams, bad fills, and crushed cans with no resolution in sight, Full Metal Canning decided to invest in a Wild Goose Fusion Counter Pressure Canning System. The reliable Fusion line and dedicated support from Wild Goose has allowed Jason to expand his business and bring on more clients in just a few short months.

Gone are the canning day headaches.

“More canning, more running, more production. People are happier. I think it’s because of Wild Goose. We’re not doing anything different. We just have a different machine that works better.”

Watch now for more on Full Metal Canning’s growth and how they are going above and beyond for their customers with their Wild Goose Fusion.