Introducing the Fusion 2.0 Counter Pressure + Atmospheric Canning Line

Introducing the Fusion™ 2.0 canning line! Building on original Wild Goose Fusion dual-filling innovations, the all-purpose canning system retains patent-pending Wild Goose dual atmospheric and isobaric counter pressure fill technology and continues to improve the packaging productivity of beverage makers of all types.

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Engineered for versatile, fully automated canning for virtually every beverage, the Wild Goose Fusion™ 2.0 Counter Pressure + Atmospheric Canning System accommodates a wide range of product conditions, like higher product carbonation levels, pressures and temperatures. The patent-pending Wild Goose counter pressure filling technologies combine Wild Goose fast-pour innovations with the versatile bandwidth of pressurized filling. For beverage makers that produce non-carbonated drinks, the Fusion integrates with liquid nitrogen dosing for still beverage adaptability.

“This machine milestone was driven by our spirit of continued innovation. Fusion 2.0 gives beverage producers a streamlined canning system purpose-built to solve their packaging challenges,” said Dan Welch, general manager of Wild Goose Filling. “Whether operating in a facility making beer, soda, juice, coffee or other beverages anywhere in the world, the Fusion system keeps product quality high and costs and labor low.”

The Fusion can be upgraded to add fill heads on the same machine when users require more speed. A new Fusion 2.0 infeed streamlines and quickens the transfer of cans through the filling process to achieve throughput up to 45 cans per minute (7200 cans per hour). For craft beverage makers interested in filling multiple can sizes, a simplified can-change process reduces changeover time and parts needed. With a compact footprint designed to fit in a standard box truck, the system also suits mobile canning and other contract packaging applications.

The introduction of Fusion 2.0 flowmeter filling capabilities alongside earlier timing-based filling offers “set it and forget it” filling accuracy. Fusion 2.0 flowmeters automatically adapt through tank pressure changes to deliver consistent fill volumes regardless of product conditions, keeping cycle times short and throughput speed high. A high-resolution touchscreen interface shows real-time fill progress for every can.

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The Wild Goose Fusion offers repeatable performance to minimize the pickup of dissolved oxygen across beverage types.  Along with core Wild Goose Fusion proprietary dual-fill technology, the new generation of Fusion 2.0 systems also retains the pressure bowl-free design originated by Wild Goose to simplify the user experience. Unlike conventional counter pressure systems that incorporate costly pressure bowls or drums, the Wild Goose Fusion design delivers a lightweight, agile canning machine with fast fill cycles, low dissolved oxygen to preserve beverage quality, safe operation, minimal cleaning time and low operating costs.

The Fusion canning line accommodates virtually every craft beverage, including seltzer, beer, RTDs, soda, kombucha, wine, cannabis drinks and more.

The newest Wild Goose Fusion™ canning systems, including European CE-certified models, are available now to beverage producers worldwide.

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