Managing dissolved oxygen (DO) in the packaging workflow is crucially important for ensuring that beverages, like beer, taste like the brewer intended. Transferring beer into cans or bottles, no matter the system, can have a significant impact on flavor and shelf-life because oxygen is introduced to the product in the packaging process.

Wild Goose now offers a new standard feature that allows brewers and specialty beverage producers to mitigate dissolved oxygen and preserve the quality of their beer, wine, cider, and ready-to-drink beverages. The new DO Buster CO2 Tunnel comes standard on new automatic canning lines or can be purchased as an accessory to existing systems and provides a measurable and repeatable reduction in DO pickup. The result is a higher quality packaged beverage with a longer shelf-life.

With the new DO management capabilities, Wild Goose Canning systems introduce less DO than any other system on the market. “Our customers work hard to make the best tasting beverages on the market today,” says Chris Fergen, chief executive officer of Wild Goose Filling Systems. “For brewers, minimizing DO is critically important to maintain the flavor quality of their beer. By providing the ability to minimize dissolved oxygen, we are helping them ensure that when their customers enjoy their beer, it tastes like the brewer intended.”

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