Gosling 2.0 Compact Canning Line Key Features

Introducing the Gosling 2.0 compact canning line.

Introducing the Gosling 2.0

Experience the consistency and ease of a Wild Goose canning machine, more affordable than ever.

The Gosling™ canning system makes your professional small-volume canning run a reality, and Wild Goose helps you get it done fast.

Designed for the craft beverage maker who wants to protect the quality of their packaged beer, coffee, RTD, seltzer, cider, wine and more; we have applied our trusted, patented Wild Goose filling and seaming technology to suit your packaging scale.

Gosling 2.0 Key Features

New Integrated Interface Full-color touchscreen interface gives fast access to controls, settings and information through approachable, user-friendly menus

Gosling 2.0 Integrated Interface
Gosling 2.0 Integrated Interface

Wild Goose Controls Software designed and programmed by Wild Goose’s packaging and controls experts simplifies the user experience through every machine operation

Consistent Filling Filling technology with patented line restriction delivers consistent fills and foam control

Repeatable Seaming Quality Patented pneumatically-actuated and cam-driven seamer creates repeatable seams

Dissolved Oxygen Control Comprehensive D.O. mitigation technologies maintain beverage flavor and freshness

Can Size Flexibility Universal can entrance and Wild Goose QuickChange™ filling design accommodate standard and sleek body cans of various heights with simple changeover

Guarded Enclosure Enclosed stainless steel structure with ergonomic access points ensures safety and sanitation

Gosling 2.0 Plug & Play Panel
Gosling 2.0 Plug & Play Panel

Plug & Play Setup Ready-to-connect ports for water, compressed air and CO2 make start-up intuitive

Built for Longevity Durable, high quality Wild Goose construction assures machine reliability and longevity

Universal Can Entrance Load any size can with simple adjustments – no infeed change parts required

Simple Infeed Optional GooseNeck™ infeed offers multi-can loading while keep the machine footprint ultra-compact

Integrated Pre-Rinsing Optional pre-rinser integrates directly near the can entrance for single-user operation

CO2 Saver Mode Regulated carbon dioxide flow offers consistent, safe D.O. mitigation while conserving supply

Gosling Rinser Infeed
Gosling 2.0 Integrated Infeed and Can Rinser

Single- and Multi-Can Packaging A variety of programs offer run flexibility, including modes for continuous, single can, bartender and demo operation

CIP/SIP Automation Automated CIP and SIP cycles with programmable timers support thorough, consistent cleaning processes

Custom Recipe Pre-Sets Pre-set menu stores custom recipe parameters for simplified run start-up and packaging

Customizable Alerts Notifications alert the operator to required or recommended actions, with customizable alert settings

Auto-Testing Functions Testing menu functions including automated seam checking guide smooth operation and in-spec finished products

Gosling Filler QC Panel

Package Small Volumes with Ease

Fill your taproom fridge with cans to-go or release limited-quantity batches on your schedule. The Gosling makes it simple to can small volumes from keg, tank and more.

Protect Your Carry-Out Quality

Improve your shelf life and product integrity over manual-fill-and-seal appliances. With the Gosling, your beverage quality is preserved consistently during the canning process, whether your customers plan to enjoy those cans now or down the road.

Test Your Market

Turn R&D projects into viable products. Try out different package formats. The Gosling gives you the flexibility to experiment economically so more of your creations can hit the market.

Wild Goose Filling is ready to provide you with packaging expertise at any production scale. Learn more by contacting us today.


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