Great size and easy filling, the 100ml cans continue to gain fans

Since 2017, among the biggest upward trends in the craft beverage industry is the universal acceptance of ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails. Consumers have embraced the convenience, quality, and creativity brought to the market by all types of beverage companies, from regional, small craft distillers to the largest multinational conglomerates.

Key to the RTD success story is the arrival of the 100-milliliter can, a size traced back to the 2016 introduction of Hochstadter’s Slow & Low Rock and Rye cocktail, one of the first drinks canned and sold in the smaller size. When the COVID pandemic hit, consumers had to either learn to make cocktails themselves or embrace RTD cocktail options.

Fortuitously, the beverage industry was in a perfect position to focus its efforts on take-out options and the 100ml can made a lot of sense. And the future looks even brighter. Numerous beverage industry analysts predict the RTD demand will continue a strong upward trajectory. Globally, the current RTD market size is valued at about $33 billion, with experts predicting it will reach $85.5 billion by 2030.


Why are these the good old days of 100ml cans? There are a few reasons why they’ve become the sweetheart size of the beverage industry.
Super Portable: Requiring less space and easy to pack in a cooler, 100ml cans are ideal for on-the-go consumption. This appeals to millennials and Gen Z consumers, who are more likely to prioritize portability and convenience in their beverage choices.

Foster innovation: Craft beverage producers use the smaller cans to experiment with new flavors, styles, and collaborations without the risk of excess inventory.

Allow for exploration: Used to serve specific cocktails or pairings, 100ml cans, allow consumers to try a wider range of flavors in smaller quantities.

Sustainability and Eco-consciousness: Recycles more easily than larger bottles or aluminum cans, 100ml cans dovetail perfectly into the beverage industry’s growing trend of conscious consumption and environmental responsibility.

Sampling benefits: Looking to add variety to a home bar or to taste new products at the bars or brewery? 100ml cans allow consumers to try a wider range of options without committing to a full bottle or can.


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