Hidden Canning Equipment Costs: Watch this Webinar

Knowing about hidden canning equipment costs BEFORE you invest is critical in avoiding unnecessary expenses and maximizing your canning profits. When you commit to the cost of a canning system, you are committing to more than the machine’s sticker price. Understanding the total cost of equipment ownership is crucial to buying the right canning system for your business and profitability goals, now and in the future.

Watch the Webinar on Hidden Canning Equipment Costs

Learn more about those less obvious canning equipment costs from experienced industry professionals in this webinar from the Craft Beer Professionals Spring Virtual Conference. Moderated by craft industry financial expert Audra Gaiziunas of Brewed for her Ledger, this panel-style discussion covers everything from buying the right size canning system for your business plan to considering line serviceability and labor costs.

Wild Goose “Flock” members Joe Wells of Fair State Brewing Cooperative and Tyler Jones of Black Hog Brewing join Wild Goose service technician Ken Ryan to discuss their experiences in

Canning Equipment Costs
Download a quick guide to hidden canning equipment costs

purchasing and operating canning equipment for their craft breweries. The panel dives into hidden canning equipment costs and frequently overlooked considerations when purchasing machinery:

  • What should a facility take into account when researching, budgeting, buying and ultimately running a canning line?
  • How can you approach maintenance, service and training to keep long-term costs down?
  • What are some of the future considerations that could have an impact on your overall cost of ownership?

Be Better Prepared for Canning Equipment Costs Before You Buy

Factors like equipment uptime, serviceability, labor, supply consumption, maintenance, and more can impact your facility’s efficiency or product quality – and ultimately, your bottom line.

Watch the webinar now to set yourself up for the right equipment purchase and avoid those hidden canning system costs.

Watch the Craft Beer Professionals Webinar: Hidden Costs of Canning Equipment


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