A canning system’s seamer needs to provide consistent seaming technology safeguarded against environmental influences. Wild Goose’s patented pneumatically-actuated cam-driven seamer tooling delivers consistent seaming force can after can. This reliable design helps you avoid the erratic seam results common on other systems dependent entirely on air pressure.


Only Wild Goose’s unique seamer allows for individual control and adjustment of each cam. By giving you maximum command over every aspect of the seam, Wild Goose systems offer superior seam integrity regardless of lid type changes, environmental circumstances or extensive long-term operation.


Wild Goose’s closed loop seaming system and programming safeguards verify the seamer cam locks in position throughout every seam cycle. The system alerts the operator if any seam operation may not have executed the full cycle, as with a momentary change in facility air pressure. Should your facility’s air pressure drop below the machine’s permitted seaming threshold, the control system temporarily halts all operations to preserve your product and supplies.

Wild Goose’s trusted seamer design is based on years of repeatability trials and durability testing backed by high-quality materials. Ensuring integrity over millions of cycles, Wild Goose engineers and builds every seamer with exceptionally tight tolerances and low flex points to prevent drift and withstand equipment movement and temperature variability. Robust, precision components and bearings mean the seamer can be easily maintained and sanitized.


All of these technologies work in tandem on Wild Goose systems to create reliable, repeatable seams that prevent leaks and spoilage.