I want to can or bottle drinks for other companies.

Craft Beverage Expertise

We love mobile canning and bottling companies! Many fast-growing breweries, distilleries, cider companies and other craft beverage makers are looking for a way to package their drinks without the initial expense of purchasing their own system and rely on a mobile beer-canning service. As pioneers in the craft industry, we built and sold the first mobile canning and bottling machines. Designed specifically for the craft industry, they are built to be portable, able handle a variety of different beverages, and built to last. If you want to create a business canning or bottling beer for other companies, we have the machines that you need. Partnership is in our DNA We work with many mobile canning and bottling companies and love to help others grow their business using our machines. Those partnerships are critically important to us and we are focused on helping our mobile partners succeed. They, in turn, show their customers the outstanding performance of Wild Goose canning lines and Meheen bottling systems. Get More Information
Evolution Series WG3 Canning Line_Seamer_Wild Goose Filling

Why choose Goose?

  • Our systems grow with you. We offer a variety of canning and bottling machines to meet your needs. With options for both canning and bottling, we can customize a solution for you that fits your needs now and is upgradable for your future growth.
  • Our customer service team will get you up and running. Most mobile canning and bottling companies prefer our machines, so you can talk to them about making the switch to owning your own. We will work together to help you with a seamless transition to your own system. And, we will be on call whenever you need us as you learn how to can or bottle on your own.
  • We offer both canning and bottling solutions. With expertise in both bottling and canning, our customer service team will custom build a system that works for you.
  • Our systems give you the most bang for the buck. Hand built with precision engineering, our machines are easy-to-use, extremely durable, and adaptable for different sizes, carbonation, and speed. We also have a customer service team at your disposal to help you maintain quality, fix any issues, and talk through anything you need.

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