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I want to release a small batch or boutique beverage on its own line.

Craft Beverage Expertise

Need a dedicated line? There are many reasons that craft beverage makers want to dedicate a canning or bottling line for one of their specialty drinks. Each craft beverage is unique with differing carbonation levels, can sizes, flavors, and standards for packaging. Dedicating one system can keep the system dialed for that particular drink and give you maximum efficiency and quality. Why would you need a dedicated line? Seasonal or small batch beer – Often released in small batches, seasonal flavors are popular for beer drinkers but often have different requirements than your flagship flavors. A dedicated line allows you to add small batch beers without affecting your normal production specifications or schedule. CDB or cannabis drinks – With strict federal regulations, some countries and states require that CBD drinks are packaged on a dedicated line to eliminate cross contamination. Wine – With a higher ABV (alcohol by volume) percentage than other drinks, can sizes are often smaller for single serve wines. Additionally, some require carbonation and some do not. Keeping dedicated lines for different wines ensures that the system runs efficiently and maintains the flavor the winemaker intended. New drink options – Many breweries are branching out into new drink lines, like hard seltzer and canned cocktails, to supplement their beer offerings. A dedicated line for these new drinks allows them to adjust the machine to meet the needs of their new drinks while keeping them in production for their beer products.
Evolution Series WG3 Canning Line_Seamer_Wild Goose Filling

Why choose Goose?

  • We’ve been there. Done that. Our expertise in bottling and canning spans thousands of customers and a huge variety of beverages. If you are thinking about expanding your offerings, we can help you understand what you need from a packaging perspective and set you up for success.
  • Our systems are adjustable. We can adjust for carbonation levels, can and bottle sizes, labeling, temperature and more. If you need a dedicated line for one of your products, we can help you dial it in to make sure you are efficient and maintain your flavor standards.
  • Best bang for the buck. We offer cost-effective solutions and a variety of sizes so that you can get the most value out of your system. These machines are built to last, easy-to-use, and flexible enough to meet your individual needs.

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