In a time which has seen a number of surprising buyouts and partnerships within craft beer, Metropolitan State University in Denver is investing $3.6 million into their brewing program.  These funds will help further MSU’s reputation that the school is on par with Siebel Institute in Chicago, or University of California, Davis as premier domestic brewing institutions.  The funds will go toward updating 8k square feet in the Tivoli Center, bringing the tank farm from 6 to 30, 8 labs, and top of the line testing equipment to fill said labs.  While many small breweries do not have access to this type of capital for their facilities, they will be able to bring in samples and use the equipment to help further their projects.  As brewing continues to go from hobby to full time career for so many, Colorado is seeing this growth more than many other states.  The program currently has 65 students enrolled, with countless others committing in the future.  Currently, no brewers have been contracted to contribute or teach, but this should change by May 2018.  Currently, the program has 11 faculty members to work with the future brewers.  Students in MSU’s program learn to ferment and test brews, but they also learn non-chemistry skills like packaging and serving, installing a draft system and navigating alcoholic beverage law.  The school listened when members of the industry shared they truly needed are students that understand the hospitality side of beer and the business side of beer, as well as the science coholic beverage law.  Going back to school never seemed so good, especially when dorm life isn’t an issue.