Making the Right Equipment Purchase (The First Time)

Coming out of the restaurant industry, Black Hog Brewing‘s owner and co-founder Tom Sobocinski wanted to create beers that paired well with food. To can their beer, Black Hog worked with a mobile canning company but had a difficult time scheduling once they increased their production.

Next, Black Hog decided to purchase an inexpensive canning line, which ultimately could not keep up with their growth; they were running their machine with three people for twelve hours a day. The machine broke down frequently, costing money and causing major delays in their production schedule.

Since then, Black Hog has purchased a Wild Goose canning machine, which Sobocinski states “has saved us countless hours of downtime, lost revenue and operator stress. On top of that, the final
product is just better. Our dissolved oxygen is extremely low and the beer in the can is the highest possible quality.”

Read the full case study here (PDF)



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