Old 121 Brewhouse is “Filling for the Frontlines”

Old 121 Brewhouse Co-Founder Brett Zahrte with Hospital Workers_Crowlers Donated to Frontline Workers_Filling for the Frontlines

Wild Goose is proud to participate in Old 121 Brewhouse‘s “Filling for the Frontlines” initiative. In appreciation of the dedication to our community’s wellbeing, the brewery donated free beer to Colorado’s frontline medical workers.

Old 121 provided crowlers of beer to medical workers to enjoy after a long shift. The campaign was supported by monetary, in-kind and labor donations from local Colorado companies including Wild Goose. Ultimately, the brewery was able to can and donate a full tank’s worth of their Old 121 Lager.Crowlers Donated to Frontline Workers_Old 121 Brewhouse Filling for the Frontlines

Said Old 121 Brewhouse co-founder Brett Zahrte, “We’re all seeking ways to contribute to those putting in long hours and heroic effort during this pandemic. When I came up with the idea of Filling for the Frontlines, I started texting some friends and colleagues in the industry about it, and their response was overwhelming and immediate. These crowlers of beer represent a small token of gratitude from us to those making incredible sacrifices, putting themselves at risk, and working tirelessly for the health of our community.”

Read more information about the “Filling for the Frontlines” initiative.



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