Dual Lane Evolution Series

WG8 AND WG10 CANNING SYSTEMS Innovative dual-lane systems offering superior yield and production efficiency


Eight to ten heads for maximum capacity.

Wild Goose’s dual lane Evolution Series provides maximum throughput to keep up with your customer’s demand. Choose 8 heads with the option to upgrade later, or start with 10 heads for your fastest production yield. Tailor-made and customized to meet your individual needs and growth goals.

  • Automatic patented CO2 purging/filling
  • Automatic can lid placement
  • Automatic patented seaming
  • Dimensions: 130.5″ L x 41″ W x 109″ H (90″ H when lid tubes removed)
  • Deck Height: Adjustable 44”-46″ installed on feet
  • Training: Onsite for 2-3 days


CE-Certified models available.


  • Rinse Tunnel & Air Nozzles
  • Inlet Pressure & Temperature Monitors
  • Flow Meters (included standard)
  • Blue Lift
  • Spare Parts Kits

Accessories & Upgrade


Higher speed WG8 and WG10 systems offering superior yield and production efficiency

WG10 Dual Lane Evo updated logo crop lid tube

Automatic CO2 purge and fill station including
eight or ten fill heads with patented line restriction technology

Dual-lane design capable of running both lanes
simultaneously or one lane only

Intuitive full-color touchscreen HMI with
Wild Goose software

Fills controlled through HMI using timing-based
filling or volumetric flowmeters that monitor and
indicate volume during every fill

Simple change parts to switch between can sizes

Dissolved oxygen prevention components
including DO Buster™ CO2 Tunnels

Sophisticated lid chutes with low lid refill
indicators designed for smooth lid dispensing

Automatic dual lid placement

Intelligent lid detection

Superior variable frequency-driven motors for
durability and seam consistency

Patented automatic dual pneumatically-actuated
and cam-driven seamers

Servo-driven star wheels

Crafted to meet your needs.

European Specifications


CE certified systems with an unsurpassed, compact footprint. Developed for the European market to satisfy regulatory compliance. Ask us how we can meet your specific regulatory needs.

Mobile Design


For those that need a small footprint, that want to start their own business canning, or need to be able to move their canning line easily, we offer a mobile design. The mobile canning line is engineered for transport in a trailer or box truck with other mobile accessories.

Craft Beverage Expertise


Carry Your Brew with Our Passion, Ingenuity and Precision. Our filling systems are tailor-made and precision engineered to meet your individual needs. Every recipe is different, let us use our expertise to make sure that your beverage tastes like you intended once it is packaged.


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