Our machines are tailor made for a brewer’s unique needs. Whether you are just starting out or have high demand with distribution partners, we have a solution for you.

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Wine & Mead

Keeping quality flavor standards and managing carbonation can be challenging for winemakers. Also, wine alcohol content by volume (ABV) is higher than other drinks, so container size is important. We know what you need to keep your wine tasting great, while providing your customers with portable options.

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Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

With customers spanning the globe mixing up a myriad of portable cocktails, the Wild Goose team knows how to help you maintain your amazing flavors in the final, packaged product.

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Wild Goose gives you complete control on fill and foam levels, dissolved oxygen pickup, and speed through a wide variety of temperature and carbonation levels.

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Cannabis and CBD

Let the experts at Wild Goose help you understand how to bring your CBD beverages to market. Our bottling and canning machines are adaptable for your unique needs, and we can help you reach more consumers with a variety of packaging options.

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Hard Seltzer

We are here to help. Seltzers have their own, unique requirements for maintaining their flavor in the can or bottle. You want consumers to experience your seltzer with the flavor you intended.

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Kombucha and Tea

Craft Tea and Kombucha beverage recipes often combine flavors, medicinal herbs, and unique ingredients to give consumers a healthy and tasty treat. It is important that when the consumer tastes your hand-crafted recipe, it tastes like you intended.

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Coffee, Craft Soda, and Juice

Pasteurization, temperature control, carbonation, and other processes can greatly affect flavor and shelf life. Wild Goose has expertise with a wide variety of craft beverages and can help you make sure that your drinks maintain the highest quality standards.

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WG Goose

Nature's Flavors uses Wild Goose machines for beer, wine, kombucha, CBD and more

“We did our research and found that Wild Goose canning lines give us the adaptability we need for the large variety of beverages we produce for our customers.” said John Wierenga, co-packaging manager. “Having our own canning system gives us complete control of the quality and production of the end product from start to finish.”