Spiked Seltzers are the Best Thing to Happen to Water. Ever.

With fewer calories, a refreshing taste, and an ABV (alcohol by volume) comparable to a light beer, it’s no mystery why hard seltzers are so popular. The trend toward drinking spiked seltzer is here to stay. Many of our customers are branching out of their beer, wine, and cider production to test the waters of the seltzer market.

We are here to help. Seltzers have their own, unique requirements for maintaining their flavor in the can or bottle. You want consumers to experience your seltzer with the flavor you intended.

How Wild Goose systems work for spiked seltzers:

  • Offer small footprint systems so you can run small batches to do market testing or add to your drink options with minimum risk
  • Can be set up as a dedicated line that is dialed in specifically for seltzers
  • Adjust for a variety of can and bottle sizes
  • Give you complete control on fill and foam levels, dissolved oxygen pickup, and speed through a wide variety of temperature and carbonation levels


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