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Drinking Tea and Kombucha Might Actually Make You a Better Person

Filled with antioxidants, probiotics, and medicinal herbs, teas and kombuchas are a rising trend in the craft beverage world. Research shows that certain teas can have a wide range of health benefits from immune to mental health. Kombucha, often made with green tea, blends tea and sugar with a culture of beneficial bacteria and yeast to make a health tonic known for protecting gut health.

Craft Tea and Kombucha beverage recipes often combine flavors, medicinal herbs, and unique ingredients to give consumers a healthy and tasty treat. It is important that when the consumer tastes your hand-crafted recipe, it tastes like you intended.

Meheen M6 Bottling Line_Kombucha Tea Bottle Filler_Wild Goose Filling

Canning and bottling systems from Wild Goose help you:

  • Maintain high quality standards for Tea and Kombucha
  • Adjust for a variety bottle and can options
  • Increase production as you grow with options for upgrading production capacity
  • Clean-in-Place technology keeps your system clean and reduces unwanted sugars


Our industry-leading systems are built with patented seaming and filling technology and an unmatched emphasis on quality control. Wild Goose canning systems ensure the superior taste, integrity and freshness of your product.


Industry-leading bottling and carbonating technologies custom built for your specific needs. Automated and manual capabilities ensure that you have complete control of your final product.

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Whether you’re packaging beer, cider, tea, water, soda, juice, or some other beverage, Wild Goose machines are designed and engineered to allow for unmatched operational control.

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