Drinking Tea and Kombucha Might Actually Make You a Better Person

Filled with antioxidants, probiotics, and medicinal herbs, teas and kombuchas are a rising trend in the craft beverage world. Research shows that certain teas can have a wide range of health benefits from immune to mental health. Kombucha, often made with green tea, blends tea and sugar with a culture of beneficial bacteria and yeast to make a health tonic known for protecting gut health.

Craft Tea and Kombucha beverage recipes often combine flavors, medicinal herbs, and unique ingredients to give consumers a healthy and tasty treat. It is important that when the consumer tastes your hand-crafted recipe, it tastes like you intended.

Canning and bottling systems from Wild Goose help you:

  • Maintain high quality standards for Tea and Kombucha
  • Adjust for a variety bottle and can options
  • Increase production as you grow with options for upgrading production capacity
  • Clean-in-Place technology keeps your system clean and reduces unwanted sugars


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