Today’s ready-to-drink cocktails are so, so good.

Craft spirits are here to stay – and to take on the go with you!

Gone are the days when malt-based beverages posing as cocktails were the only option for ready-to-drink creations. Moscow mules, margaritas, palomas and more are making a huge splash in the craft beverage industry. People love to enjoy high-quality craft spirits in a can or single serve bottle, and the market is growing fast.

With customers spanning the globe mixing up a myriad of portable cocktails, the Wild Goose team knows how to help you maintain your amazing flavors in the final, packaged product.

Our machines:

  • Adjust for multiple can sizes or bottle types
  • Give you complete control on fill and foam levels, dissolved oxygen pickup, and speed through a wide variety of temperature and carbonation levels
  • Easily accommodate different product types
  • Can upgrade for more throughput as your business grows
  • Provide reliability and durability to meet your production schedule

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