We would take wine everywhere if we could!

Single serve wine is all the rage.

It is the fastest growing packaging trend in the wine industry. Portability is key. Canned wine and single serve bottles are a great way to bring your favorite wines to parties, the beach, or camping and are a great alternative for wine lovers like us.

Keeping quality flavor standards and managing carbonation can be challenging for winemakers. Also, wine alcohol content by volume (ABV) is higher than other drinks, so container size is important. We know what you need to keep your wine tasting great, while providing your customers with portable options.

Our bottling and canning solutions are a great fit for the wine industry.

  • Adjustable for a variety of can and bottle sizes
  • Allow for small batch processing for market testing
  • Can be tailored for carbonated (sparkling) wine or nitro dosed for still wine
  • Aluminum cans and bottles protect from light and air oxidization
  • Protect “Estate Wine” distinctions by providing a dedicated line on site
  • Have a small footprint with high-quality, consistent output

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