Seam Inspection with a Micrometer: How-To Video

In this Goose Garage video, our “Sultan of Support” Ben McKibben demonstrates how to use a seam micrometer for inspection of your can seams.

Seam integrity needs to be checked daily during use of any canning system. Equally important, your seam evaluation process should include multiple testing procedures and measurements.

Our Goose Garage series covers topics and frequently-asked-questions related to craft beverage canning and bottling. Crack a cold one and get answers from Wild Goose’s tech nerds.

More Seam Inspection Resources

For additional training, check out our video demonstrating how to manually tear down your seams. Manual seam tear-down helps you inspect important components of an aluminum can’s double seam.

We also recommend you explore‘s guide to double seam characteristics, vocabulary and troubleshooting.

Quality Seams Matter to Us

Regular can seam inspection is critical in protecting your canned beverage quality and goes hand-in-hand with reliable, repeatable seaming technology.

Wild Goose Filling’s expert Technical Support team provides training on seam inspection and offers free “Seam School” sessions throughout the year as well. In addition, Wild Goose’s operational and maintenance manuals include detailed diagrams and explanations of double seam components, seamer tooling and more. The manuals also provide instruction on seam testing, micrometer usage, seamer adjustments and beyond.


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