Wild Goose Service Facility Opens in Europe

Wild Goose Europe Service Support Parts Warehouse

Wild Goose Filling has opened a new service facility and warehouse in Barcelona, Spain to support our European customers. The Wild Goose service facility offers local parts inventory, service, support, maintenance, sales and logistics for beverage producers operating our canning systems and bottling lines. The new Wild Goose service facility serves as our primary hub […]

CIP: Clean-in-Place for Your Canning or Bottling Line

CIP: The Essentials of Clean-in-Place for your Canning or Bottling System with Alex Rabe

Have you mastered your CIP (clean-in-place) process yet? When it comes to beverage quality, sanitary equipment is one of the primary ways to protect your product. We asked resident brewer and Wild Goose support expert Alex to give us the scoop on proper CIP practices. Alex, what is CIP? CIP stands for clean-in-place. CIP refers […]

Rinsing Cans Before Filling: Is it Important?

Rinsing cans before canning beer or craft beverages

A question we often receive is: “Do I need to rinse my cans before filling?” The short answer is Yes. Probably. Rinsing cans before canning is a quick and worthwhile way to ensure no foreign contaminants spoil your canned beverage or make their way to your customer. Like any brewhouse or beverage operation, packaging comes […]

Brewers in Mexico Get Canning during Kegs to Cans

Mexico Craft Brewers Experience Beer Canning during Kegs to Cans_Wild Goose Filling

In April, Wild Goose Mexico brought together 35 Mexican craft breweries for Kegs to Cans: Mexico Sessions, a free two-day, hands-on canning experience in Mexico City. Hosted at Casa Cervecera Cru Cru using a Wild Goose Gosling™ canning system, visiting brewers had the opportunity to get up close to the canning process with packaging education […]

Gosling Unpacking Tips: How-To Video

Gosling Unpacking Tips_Tricks for Unpackaging or Uncrating a Gosling Canning System from Wild Goose Filling

 Your new Gosling™ canning system has arrived from Wild Goose, safely bundled up from the journey to your facility. Now what? Follow our step-by-step Gosling unpacking tips so you can start canning your craft beverages! This Goose Garage video covers helpful hints for unboxing and setting up your Gosling canning system, including: Checking the […]

Learn to Adjust Flow Rate on the Gosling Canning System

Adjusting Flow Rate on the Gosling Canning System_How To Video from Wild Goose Filling

 In this Goose Garage video, our “Sultan of Support” Ben McKibben demonstrates how to adjust flow rate on your Gosling™ canning system. Controlling your flow rate helps you conserve product, giving you optimal yield in each filled can. It’s as simple as righty-tighty, lefty-loosey! More from the Goose Garage Our Goose Garage series covers […]

Seam Inspection with a Micrometer: How-To Video

Inspecting Can Seams with a Micrometer_How To Video from Wild Goose Filling

In this Goose Garage video, our “Sultan of Support” Ben McKibben demonstrates how to use a seam micrometer for inspection of your can seams. Seam integrity needs to be checked daily during use of any canning system. Equally important, your seam evaluation process should include multiple testing procedures and measurements. Our Goose Garage series covers […]

Can Seam Inspection: How-To Video

Can Seam Inspection How-To Video_Wild Goose Filling

Regular can seam inspection is critical in protecting your canned beverage quality and goes hand-in-hand with reliable, repeatable seaming technology. Seam integrity should be checked daily during operation of any canning system. Moreover, you should include multiple testing procedures and measurements in your seam evaluation process. Important components of a can’s double seam can only […]

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