Wild Goose Hatches Gosling 2.0 Canning Machine

Introducing the new generation of Wild Goose’s Gosling canning system! Like its predecessor, Gosling 2.0 is an automated, entry-level beverage canning system designed for packaging and maintaining the quality of small product volumes. The system incorporates our patented Wild Goose seaming and filling technology to deliver the same superior consistency as our higher speed machines.

Gosling 2.0 Canning Line From Wild Goose Filling


“The Gosling line has delivered exceptional value to smaller-scale and craft beverage producers around the world since it first hatched in 2020,” said Dan Welch, general manager of Wild Goose Filling. “We initially conceived the Gosling to provide professional filling and seaming at an affordable price point and with a small footprint. For 2023 we have improved the user experience by integrating a user interface and touchscreen directly into Gosling 2.0. With the newly built-in capabilities, customers will enjoy a fast, intuitive and consistent operating experience.”

Gosling 2.0 with Operator

If you’re putting your passion into creating a high-quality drink for consumers, the process doesn’t just end at the tank. The Gosling’s precision canning process helps protect your product quality and shelf life in ways manual-fill-and-seal appliances can’t touch. Ensure your canned beverage quality is preserved, whether your customers drink those cans now or months down the road. At speeds up to 12 cans per minute (720 cans per hour) based on 12-ounce standard aluminum cans and with a price point aimed towards craft producers, the Gosling 2.0 canning line offers an easy, dependable way to can small volumes.

      • Package Small Volumes with Ease: Fill your taproom fridge with cans to-go

      • Protect Your Carry-Out Quality: Improve your shelf life and product quality over bar-top canning appliances
      • Test Your Market: Release limited quantity and experimental projects on your schedule

    New With Gosling 2.0

    Wild Goose Gosling 2.0 canning line with GooseNeck and Screen

    The latest Gosling 2.0 canning system incorporates an all-new user interface and embedded high-resolution, 7-inch touchscreen display backed by Wild Goose software.

    New automation features including cleaning, seam testing, customizable alerts and a variety of can packaging modes make Gosling 2.0 a user-friendly canning system for operators of all experience levels. A consolidated machine “plug-and-play” panel offers ready-to-connect ports for machine services that make startup intuitive. Sporting an enhanced stainless-steel safety enclosure and ergonomic access points, the updated Gosling exterior supports long-term operation in any production space.

    Gosling Filler QC Panel

    With Gosling 2.0, Wild Goose has made its QuickChange™ filling configuration the new standard, accommodating standard and sleek body cans of various heights with simple changeover. The addition of a universal can entrance, integrated can pre-rinser and upgraded GooseNeck™ infeed simplify the can loading process for a single operator.

    Read more about new Gosling 2.0 features


    “Demand for canned beverages continues to grow, across a huge variety of beverages,” said Alexis Foreman, founder of Wild Goose Filling. “As more facilities begin in-house canning for the first time or exploring R&D beverage projects, we wanted to make sure the canning experience is easy and intuitive. Even if you have never canned before, the Gosling provides the canned quality our customers need while simplifying their packaging process.”

    The Gosling canning system gives beverage producers the ability to package products on a smaller scale than traditional automatic canning systems while offering better protection against dissolved oxygen compared to manual fill-and-seal appliances.

    The newest Gosling 2.0 canning systems are available now to beverage producers worldwide.

    Find more information about the new Gosling 2.0 here!


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