GOSLING Canning System: Newly Hatched for Small Volume Canning

Our newest system has joined the Flock! The Gosling is an automated, entry-level beverage canning system designed for packaging and maintaining the quality of small product volumes. Importantly, the system incorporates our patented Wild Goose seaming and filling technology to deliver the same superior consistency as our higher speed machines.

If you’re putting your passion into creating a high-quality drink for consumers, the process doesn’t just end at the tank. The Gosling’s precision canning process helps protect your product integrity and shelf life in ways manual-fill-and-seal appliances can’t touch. Ensure your canned beverage quality is preserved, whether your customers drink those cans now or months down the road. At speeds up to 12 cans per minute and with a price point aimed towards craft producers, the Gosling offers an easy, dependable way to can small volumes.

  • Package Small Volumes with Ease: Fill your taproom fridge with cans to-go
  • Protect Your Carry-Out Quality: Improve your shelf life and product quality over bar-top canning appliances
  • Test Your Market: Release limited quantity and experimental projects on your schedule

Describing the development process behind the Gosling, Wild Goose CEO Chris Fergen explained, “We saw a need for a new smaller-volume automatic option that offers the same Goose quality and reliability as our existing systems. With this in mind, we drew on decades of experience to develop the most affordable professional canning system on the market.”

How It Works

The Gosling’s automatic canning process is simple. First, product runs can be set up via smartphone, tablet or computer. Next, cans are purged with CO₂ before being filled, and the system places lids automatically from a standard-sleeve tube. Finally, the lidded cans are shuttled to the seamer to be sealed.

The Gosling will can from tank or keg and offers both single-can and continuous run modes.

For producers of beer, cider, cocktails, kombucha, wine and other craft beverages looking to improve quality control over manual canning methods, the Gosling delivers professional canning suited to your scale.

Find more information about the new Gosling here!


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