Your new Gosling™ canning system has arrived from Wild Goose, safely bundled up from the journey to your facility. Now what? Follow our step-by-step Gosling unpacking tips so you can start canning your craft beverages!

This Goose Garage video covers helpful hints for unboxing and setting up your Gosling canning system, including:

  • Checking the g-force indicator
  • What to do if you suspect shipping damage
  • How to deal with the packing materials
  • Tools needed for unpackaging
  • Removing your Gosling from the shipping pallet
  • Securing your Gosling to the optional mobile cart

Once you have unboxed your Gosling, get ready to fill your craft beer, cider, cocktail, wine, coffee, kombucha, soda and more with ease. That professional canning run you’ve been dreaming about just became reality, and Wild Goose helps you get it done fast! Quality craft canning, simplified.

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