I use mobile/contract filling systems and am considering purchasing my own.

Craft Beverage Expertise

Canning and bottling craft beverages: stick with mobile vendors or purchase a system of your own? For most craft beverage makers, the focus is on making unique and delicious recipes that people will love. Packaging those hand-crafted drinks is sometimes an afterthought. Many people start with a mobile canning and bottling vendor and decide to purchase their own system as they grow. Mobile canners and bottling companies are a great option for companies that are just starting out and don’t have the sales to justify owning their own line. Also, many tap rooms, wineries, and breweries don’t have enough space or staff to run a system on site. A mobile vendor can provide packaging services on demand for both bottled and canned beverages. Many of them use Wild Goose canning and Meheen bottling machines because of their durability, ease of use, and adaptability. Why make the move to owning your own system? Can and bottle on your own time. When you own your own system, you can package your beverages whenever you want. You eliminate scheduling constraints and can better meet the needs of your customers or distributors. Increase your profitability. Having your own system means lower overall cost compared to working with a vendor. In a very short period of time, the money you make selling packaged drinks will pay for the machine and leave you with pure profit. Maintain your flavor quality standards. By running your own system, you can dial it into to meet your specific standards for flavor and quality. You spend a lot of time and effort making sure that you make the best tasting drinks on the market. With your own system, you control all the variables. Get better control of your inventory. As demand for your drinks increases, you will be ready. When sales aren’t where you want, you can scale down your packaging until you are ready to increase production.
Evolution Series WG3 Canning Line_Seamer_Wild Goose Filling

Why choose Goose?

  • Our systems grow with you. We offer a variety of canning and bottling machines to meet your needs. With options for both canning and bottling, we can customize a solution for you that fits your needs now and is upgradable for your future growth.
  • Our customer service team will get you up and running. Most mobile canning and bottling companies prefer our machines, so you can talk to them about making the switch to owning your own. We will work together to help you with a seamless transition to your own system. And, we will be on call whenever you need us as you learn how to can or bottle on your own.
  • We offer both canning and bottling solutions. With expertise in both bottling and canning, our customer service team will custom build a system that works for you.
  • Our systems give you the most bang for the buck. Hand built with precision engineering, our machines are easy-to-use, extremely durable, and adaptable for different sizes, carbonation, and speed. We also have a customer service team at your disposal to help you maintain quality, fix any issues, and talk through anything you need.

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