The Nitro Gosling™ is your professional canning system with nitrogen dosing. This system offers flexible packaging whether you’re canning non-carbonated or carbonated drinks.

The Nitro Gosling canning system includes integrated liquid nitrogen dosing. Package sparkling or still products like coffee, ready-to-drink cocktails, wine, tea, juice and more. A dose of liquid nitrogen (LN2) preserves your beverage’s flavor and shelf life, protecting against unwanted dissolved oxygen pickup that can negatively impact product quality.

When packaging any still beverage without carbonation, dosing with LN2 helps remove oxygen in the can headspace to keep your product fresh. This introduction of LN2 during canning also provides rigidity in the sealed can. That way, it retains that satisfying, firm-to-the-touch feel consumers expect from every canned drink.

View the Nitro Gosling Specifications (PDF)

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